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About Commercial Hard Money Loans

Commercial hard money loans are asset-backed loans that are secured by real estate. In these lending scenarios, the borrower is usually an individual or business who needs to purchase or take cash out of equity in a commercial building and the lender is typically a private company that specializes in higher-risk loans. These types of loans can be made on any type of commercial property, including office buildings, warehouses, large residential housing units, and special-use properties like restaurants, churches, and barber shops. They generally carry higher rates of interest than conventional bank loans but can be very helpful for borrowers who need to have access to cash quickly or who have lower credit ratings and therefore do not qualify for traditional loans.

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Types of Private Money Loans

Many property buyers look for alternatives to the big bank loan process that can take a long time to fund and often require excessive paperwork. There are many different types of special financing available. This is a short overview of some of the options US buyers have today. Hard money refers to...

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Types of Foreclosure

In the United States, there are generally two kinds of foreclosure processes to consider, judicial foreclosure and non-judicial foreclosure. States typically make the rules about which type will be in play on a given property but in some states both types are possible so it is important to understan...

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5 Steps in Obtaining a Hard Money Loan

It may seem obvious, but nobody just googles the term "hard money loan" and gets the money they need for a home or remodel. There is a process to follow, as with any loan. The fact that hard money loans are faster and require less paperwork than a standard mortgage from big banks does not mean that...

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