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Strong Indicators You Are Ready To Invest In Real Estate

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June 3, 2022

Many people believe investing in real estate is the key to obtaining their financial goals. Seasoned investors will be the first to warn, however, that investing in real estate comes with some big risks that need to be weighed before an individual is financially ready to begin investing in real estate. If you’re considering investing in real estate, there’s a lot to know before you make your first purchase. It’s unlike any other type of investment you’ve owned so far, and requires a different approach from how you manage it to how you earn from it.  For anyone who’s wondering if becoming a landlord is the right move for them, below are a few signs that you have reached a point where investing in real estate is the right move for you.

You have savings for retirement

Before anyone starts working towards investing in real estate, they should already be saving for retirement and have enough cash left over. Make sure to consider your retirement needs by allocating the appropriate contributions to a 401(k) plan and/or Roth IRA.  You may also want to consider having a brokerage account before taking on the additional risk of a real estate portfolio.  Anyone considering investing in real estate should build up these areas before becoming a landlord if they plan on being successful.

You have free time to manage your investment

Time is of the essence in real estate investing and you may need a lot more of it than expected to tend to all that a real estate portfolio will require. Ideally, real estate investing is best pursued once you’ve freed up your work schedule or are nearing retirement to allow you the proper time necessary. It can sometimes feel like another full-time job so you should have the extra time to manage the property.  Most of the time you will need to focus on more than just managing the properties and will also need to deal with areas like marketing and legal requirements in the area.  Real estate investing also requires a lot of customer service if you’re planning on renting a property out for additional income. All that management takes time and energy you’ll need to have before investing.

You have cash for a down payment

The process of buying an investment property is a lot like buying a home, but in some ways, it’s more difficult. There’s typically a little bit more upfront capital requirements for investing in real estate. Lenders see rental properties as a higher risk, and charge more for them in interest and require larger down payments. At minimum, you’ll likely need a full 20% down payment to be able to start investing in real estate.  If you have the cash on hand to start investing in real estate, it’s likely a sign that you’re financially ready to start if your other goals are met. However, keep in mind that you’ll also need other cash to keep and maintain that building. It is wise to set aside money for unexpected repairs and still being responsible to pay the mortgage if the property sits unoccupied for a period of time.

Like any investment, profit from real estate isn’t a given. Anyone who’s considering investing in real estate should do so with that understanding that real estate isn’t necessarily a better investment than stocks, or vice versa. There are many variables at play and success in real estate can come down to simply the location or any number of other things that may or may not be within your control.  While the same can be said for the stock market, it’s worth noting that real estate is unique in some of its risks. Hopefully the above areas will help guide you to make an informed decision on whether or not you are ready to invest in real estate.

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