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Several Advantages Of Fix And Flip Loans

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April 22, 2022

One often utilized and effective strategy to secure a solid profit is to purchase a real estate property, repair and sell it as quickly as possible.  That said, one of the key factors to being successful is having proper access to the necessary capital. If you are looking to flip a property but lack the needed funds required to seal the deal, a hard money lender who provides fix and flip loans could be one smart financing option. These types of loans are generally structured in a way that allows the buyer to secure the property quickly and then have access to the necessary additional funds required for construction costs.  Below we will look at a few key benefits that fix and flip loans have to offer.

Making Upgrades Is Easy

When you purchase a fix and flip property, a large amount of your budget is often spent on construction and remodeling expenses. Fix and flip loan providers usually set up an allowance to cover necessary repair costs of the property as well as interest. This can take away a lot of stress and pressure for property developers without having to worry about spending their own money out of pocket for repairs or interest payments.

Fast Approval

Approval for a fix and flip loan is often a much faster process than securing a loan through the traditional banking system. Once you have submitted all of the required documentation, a private lender can often times approve and fund a fix and flip loan within a couple of days.  On the other hand, a traditional bank loan can often take at least a month to finalize and it is not uncommon for these loans to take much longer to be funded. Traditional bank loans commonly have much longer wait times and borrowers are required to submit numerous documents and jump through numerous hoops as part of the funding process.  These delays can often make or break an otherwise valuable fix and flip opportunity.

They Cover Most Property Types

Properties of all different conditions and locations can be funded with the use of a fix and flip loan.  Whether the property is in foreclosure, owned by a bank, or is old and run down with not a lot of public interest, a borrower can likely find a hard money lender willing to fund the right deal. Unlike with traditional loans where there are so many restrictions in place to prevent a borrower from funding these types of opportunities with a bank, as long as the deal makes sense, a hard money lender will often fund the project for you.

Prepayment Fees Are Uncommon

If you take out a traditional bank loan, it is possible you could be hit with penalties if you get the chance to pay off the loan before the date of maturation. Most fix and flip lenders do not impose these types of fees for replaying your loan early.  This is one of the main reasons why finding the right hard money lender is key to being successful with any flip and fix project you may wish to pursue.

It’s important that any hard money lender you choose to work with should have solid experience in the industry.  This alone can set you apart from the competition as efficiency, speed and quality are critical in the fix and flip world. The less time you have to spend vetting potential companies and contractors translates much of the time to simply more money in your pocket.

Last of all, you should check out what previous and current customers have to say about particular lenders. is a great resource which provides more direct customer ratings and reviews than any other Hard Money Directory online. Using this resource along with other avenues when performing your due diligence will help you to ensure your success on your latest fix and flip project and hopefully many more to come.

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