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How To Sell A Rental Property Fast

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May 21, 2021

If you’ve invested in a rental property hoping to make money, you may find it hard to get a high return if you don’t have the right help. Selling your rental property requires proper timing, pricing, and marketing to the right audience.  Here are several tips to help you sell your rental property quickly and for the highest return on your investment.

Include Your Tenants

Having a tenant in the property could be an important factor in how much money you may make when it comes time to sell your rental property. You need to decide whether or not it’s best to wait until the lease expires, pay to relocate the tenant, or sell the property with the tenant still living in the home. These decisions can make a huge difference in how you sell your property. If you must wait until the current lease expires, you’ll be more at the mercy of whatever current market situations you face when it comes time to sell. If the market is hot, but your lease doesn’t expire for six months, you will likely have to wait to sell unless the tenant is willing to work with you. On the flipside, you won’t need the tenant’s help if you wait until the lease expires. When the tenant vacates the property, you can make any necessary repairs or renovations and get the home ready to sell. Without tenants in the house, you are free to market it as a primary residence or investment property.  If you’re selling the home with a tenant in place, you can sell when the market is hot, but you’ll need the tenant’s help.

Depending on the relationship, its often at least worth asking the tenant politely to allow scheduled contractors in to fix up issues the home may need repaired. If the tenant is staying until their lease ends, they likely wont mind someone enhancing the home.  Staging the home is also important to discuss with the current tenant.  Since you will likely need to market the property to other renters down the road, it’s worth trying to stage the home in a way that wont disrupt the tenant too much but also will enhance the appeal of the home.  Dont forget to work on the curb appeal as well. While you don’t want to ask your tenant for too much assistance to sell the property, having their help is valuable, especially when it’s time for the inspection and appraisal.

Know The Home’s Value

It’s easy to think a home is worth a lot more than it is without researching the current market trends. Researching the market value of newly sold homes in the area will help you understand how much you can make on the sell of your property.  Often, if you inflate the price because you believe your home is more valuable, lenders often wont approve the loan. Therefore, unless the buyer is paying all cash, you won’t likely get more than the home is worth.  You should look at several properties in the area that sold within the last six months and are similar to the home you’re selling.  It’s important to compare not only your properties size and location but also all of its features. Your property may have more or fewer features than the comparable properties, in which case, you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

Take Professional Photos

This seems minor, but bad pictures can often break a deal. The better the pictures you take of the home, the more potential buyers will look at your property, and the more interest you have in your home, the faster it will sell.  The majority of buyers nowadays will only see properties online because it’s more convenient or they do not live close to the property. Furthermore, investors often look to invest in other areas where real estate is cheaper or where home prices are increasing to get the best deal.  Needless to say, high quality pictures are an important part of the selling process.

Before taking photos, make sure the property is properly staged and decluttered. If you have tenants living there, ask them politely for their assistance to showcase the home properly. It’s also important that the photos are honest and realistic. There are many programs like Photoshop that will make it easy to manipulate photos, but this practice should be avoided. It is normal to utilize a wide-angle lens which allows you to capture more room in a picture without inflating its  true size. You should also use the sun to your advantage. Wait until the sun is behind your home to take exterior photos. You should also try to avoid shadows by taking photos at an angle.  It’s recommended to take interior photos mid-day, not too early, but not too late. Try to aim for around noon when the sun is the highest.

Learn The Market

As described above, it’s important to learn everything you can about the current market before posting your property for sell. Understanding what buyers want makes all the difference. If you’ve owned the property many years, it’s likely the market has changed. Knowing the latest trends will help you get the most for your home.  Don’t worry to much about making the necessary renovations.  You’ll make it back when you sell the home for more than you would have otherwise. If, for example, the kitchen or bathroom in the house is outdated, you may want to fix those areas now. Knowing what buyers/renters want will help you make the home more attractive for investors willing to pay more money for a property they plan to keep for a long time.

Making top dollar for your rental property requires that you do your research, price the house correctly for the area, and renovate and repair things before you place it on the market. It may take a little time to sell your rental property, but with the above tips, hopefully you will make the most profit possible and sell it faster than you would otherwise.

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