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HardMoneyHome.com Spring 2019 Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship Scholarship Winner

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The HardMoneyHome.com Volunteerism and Entrepreneurship Scholarship winner for Spring 2019 has been chosen. Diana El-Koubysi, who is attending Kansas State University, will receive a $1,000 scholarship for her volunteer experience and passion for entrepreneurship.

Diana first started volunteering in middle school through her district’s volunteer program.  She continued to volunteer throughout high school as well.  In college, she was able to volunteer for organizations that she was especially passionate about.  One of these organizations is Girls on the Run.  She spends 4 hours each week helping the girls build confidence, have healthy friendships and deal with their emotions.  Diana loves getting to know the girls and watching them during their end-of-the-year 5k run.  She is also part of the Society of Women in Engineering, where she is a mentor for girls and teaches them what it’s like to be a woman in STEM.  She has also recently become part of an organization called School of Hope, where she spends an hour a week helping a child become a better reader.  Diana has learned through volunteering that “people can have really different lives, even though they’re from the same vicinity.”  She’s also learned a lot about herself and her passions.  Diana now knows that she loves to help kids achieve their goals and become successful.

Diana’s father owns his own business and while growing up Diana always thought it was very commendable that he is an entrepreneur.  This is where her passion for entrepreneurship started.  Diana started a t-shirt business with her teacher in high school and loved learning about starting a new business and experiencing the process.  Her school was so impressed that they put it into a curriculum and started a new class so other kids can take the class and learn what it’s like to run a successful business.  Diana wants to most likely start a non-profit or her own business after college graduation.  She is majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business.  Congratulations, Diana!

See Diana’s full scholarship submission video below.

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